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VSP Vision Simulator

Check out the VSP Vision Simulator and see how vision looks without glasses or contact lenses, along with changing with increasing levels of nearsight... .

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Holiday Music Quiz

Take this fun, interactive quiz to find out if you know all the lyrics some classic holiday songs. .

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Summer Style

Are you a summer expert? Discover how much you know about the sunglass-iest time of year. .

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Eyeglass Style Quiz 2021

Your lifestyle can help determine your glasses style. Take our interactive quiz to find out what glasses are meant for you. .

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Spelling Bee

Calling all spellers! Can you identify the correct words? Take our fun quiz to find out. .

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All About Green Eyes

Like a four-leaf clover, green eyes are extraordinary. See what makes them so rare in these interactive facts. .

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Virtual Valentine

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, virtually! Use our fun, interactive tool to make your very own valentine card. .

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Animal Eyes 20/20

Do you see how I see? Discover how the world looks through another pair of eyes, the eyes of animals. Come and see for yourself! .

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Pie Contest

Which pie will reign supreme this Thanksgiving? Take the Pie Pick’em challenge to find out. .

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Your vision. Your way.

Not covered for vision?

Get an individual plan, customized for you – including where you want to use it: at the doctor, in a retail location, or even online.

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    Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

    For $1.50/mo, your membership will give you access to exclusive discount programs* on everyday goods and services including:

    Plus, your membership supports vision-related charities too.

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