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The Vision Blog

The Vision Blog provides you with valuable articles about family and individual vision insurance, tips for maintaining good eye health as well as the latest trends in eye care. Visit the Vision Blog often to stay informed about your eye health and vision insurance options.

Seeing More With Technology

Whether you’re a bird-watcher, microbiologist, or deep space photographer, or just love looking through a telescope, chances are you’ve ...

The Art of Optical Illusions

  What happens when your brain can’t ‘connect the dots’? Maybe it just creates them instead… What are optical illusion...

Glow in the Dark: The Essence of Fluorescence

  Bright paints, luminous deep-sea fish, glowing gemstones, and your watch face. All these things have one thing in common; they’re fluore...

Man vs. Beast—Who has the best vision?

Man vs. Beast—Who has the best vision?