Eye Care Articles

Eye Health: How to Age-Proof Your Vision

Don’t let age-related eye problems lead to financial strain. Find out how VSP can meet your vision care needs as you get older. .

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What You Need To Know About Eye Exams

Learn a little about the eye exam experience before you go to help you feel more prepared and have a much less stressful time at the eye doctor. .

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Keep Your Eyesight Safe

While you don’t want to run to the doctor with every issue, there are some minor symptoms that could be red flags for serious health problems. Learn m... .

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8 Vision Myths Debunked

We all grow up with myths that we once accepted as fact—until they’re debunked. Where did the myths come from? Here are 8 vision myths debunked. .

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Contacts 101: Everything You Need To Know

Depending on the brand, prescription and replacement times, contacts can equate to less money over a longer span of time. Learn more! .

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10 Eye Care Myths

How much do you really know about your eyes? Can you separate the eye fact from eye fiction? Which of these 10 Common eye care myths are true? .

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Can I Wear My Glasses When I Play Sports?

Even though glasses help improve vision or correct astigmatism, they do get in the way of many things, like sports and recreational activities. Learn ... .

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Protect Your Kids' Eyes

Kids are known for bouncing back from almost anything. Don't leave their eye care to chance! Learn how to take a proactive approach with their eye hea... .

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The History And Evolution Of Eyeglasses

Glasses are made of glass, right? Not entirely. Most lenses on both eyeglasses and sunglasses are made from one of three materials. Learn more! .

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